What Type of Balcony Railing Do I Need?

What Type of Balcony Railing Do I Need?

What Type of Balcony Railing Do I Need?

Balcony railing can do a lot for your property. Whether it is a residential or commercial, the right design and style can add curb appeal and value to your home or apartment complex. The railing also offers a level of safety to a space that would otherwise be an area of risk. There are many advantages to installing railing

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your railing or start a whole new project, there are a few considerations when planning your new balcony railing.


Like with any fence or railing, balcony railing can be constructed out of different materials. Wood, iron, glass and stainless steel are a few popular materials to create the balcony railing. Each material has its own advantages and aesthetic. If you are having a hard time choosing which material you would like, try searching for designs you like online. We can make recommendations based on your preferences. 


At Texas Fence & Iron, we can create custom railing to fit your safety and design needs. Some popular design choices for balcony railing include: 

Bar infill –  Metal bars can run horizontally or vertically between posts. 

Cable infill – This type of infill is also available horizontally or vertically but is made of wire. 

Panel infill – Instead of having bars or wires running between posts, the infill is a panel that fills the space between posts. This can be a single panel between posts or made up of multiple panels. This is usually made of glass but can be made by metal, wire mesh or other materials. 

Hardware and Railing

Another aspect of balcony railing to consider is how will the infill or panels attach to the posts and how will the post attach to your home or apartment. At Texas Fence & Iron, we can take your design style, material choices and available space into consideration and give you the best recommendations for installation. 


If you are looking to add a balcony rail to your home or commercial property, contact us today to get started. Our trained team can plan and install the perfect custom balcony railing to fit your needs and requirements for railing specifications

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