Guide to Pool Fencing

Guide to Pool Fencing

Guide to Pool Fencing

As summer is approaching, pool projects may be close to completion. Securing the perimeter around a pool is important and Texas Fence and Iron has a variety of pool fencing options that suit any project.


With any type of fencing, there are regulations that come along with securing a pool with a fence. Different areas have different requirements. Texas Fence and Iron abides by requirements set by the State of Texas. We also follow guidelines for the county that we are installing fencing in.

Texas Fence and Iron aims to follow and, when possible, exceed standards. Safety around a pool is our top priority and our team follows all necessary guidelines.

Type of Fencing

Usually, an iron or other type of metal fencing is most suitable for enclosing a pool. This allows for a gate to be installed easily and also requires less maintenance. Iron fencing is very durable and can withstand heat without much wear and tear, so it’s a great option. Utilizing an iron or metal fence rather than wood is better in the long run as moisture gets trapped in wood easily.


Safety is a primary reason for pool fencing and a top priority. Ensuring that the height of the fencing is not short enough to climb over or the bars are not wide enough to slip through is important. Additionally, ensuring that the fence has a gate with a high quality lock is important as well. Especially when children are present, pools can be dangerous if fencing requirements are not followed.

All in all, fencing around a pool can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to a backyard, but functionality and safety are the most important aspects of choosing how to place pool fencing.

We have fences to suit every property’s needs. Our experts can assist with choosing the right fence for your property. Find out if this is the right fencing solution for your needs. For all your fencing and gate needs, contact us today. To learn more about other fencing tips, check out our blog page here.

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