Guide to Chain Link Fences

Guide to Chain Link Fences

Guide to Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are an affordable fencing option for most properties. They can be used for commercial or residential in a variety of ways. Chain link is extremely durable and a great choice for any project. Read on to learn about a few different applications for chain link fencing.

Backyard Fencing

While cedar privacy fences are popular for residential fencing, it’s not uncommon to use chain link fencing. Chain link fences are generally affordable and still provide the security that a privacy fence offers. It is also a great choice for pet owners since chain link is much more durable than wood. While dogs digging under fences can always be a factor, they can’t scratch chain link fences or chew on the metal as they would with a wooden fence.


Chain link fences can have many commercial applications. They can be an efficient choice for securing parking lots, storage buildings, or protecting the perimeter of buildings that hold things like electrical equipment. They are easy to install or repair and are very durable, so a chain link fence is a great choice for any project.


Chain link fencing is a popular choice in most outdoor sports such as baseball, tennis courts, or around a running track. Chain link is very durable so it can withstand the hits of baseballs at high speeds and keep balls within the parameters of the field. It is also very easy to repair so if it is damaged by equipment, the whole fence won’t need to be replaced.

Chain link fencing is also useful in dugouts at baseball or softball fields because the team can hang equipment such as bags or hats within the links. Overall, chain link fencing has many recreational applications and is an excellent fence for sports.

All in all, chain link fencing has a wide variety of uses and benefits. Texas Fence and Iron can help in the installation of chain link fencing!

We have fences to suit every property’s needs. Our experts can assist with choosing the right fence for your property. Find out if this is the right fencing solution for your needs. For all your fencing and gate needs, contact us today. To learn more about other fencing tips, check out our blog page here.

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