Think About This Before You Choose a Gate

Think About This Before You Choose a Gate

Think About This Before You Choose a Gate

There are several factors to consider when choosing a gate for your property. After determining whether it is purely decorative or serves a specific purpose, you must consider other factors to choose the perfect gate.

Check HOA Guidelines

Before making any decisions, check your HOA/POA guidelines. Some communities enforce rules and restrictions regarding gates. For example, you may be limited by type, appearance or material. Once you understand your options, you can move forward. 

Learn About Access

Privacy and ease of access can contribute to your choices when installing gates. Manual access requires individuals to walk up to gates with a lock or code. Individuals looking for convenience should install drive-up access. This allows you to enter your property with an electronic key, code, remote control or swipe card. For those looking for added privacy and security, consider installing intercom access.

Determine Power Source

Unless you install a manual gate, it will need some source of power to operate. Gates can be ran off of the same source of your home or by solar power. Solar power is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to power your gate. It also allows the gate to operate during power outages.

Texas Fence & Iron GatesEvaluate Your Space

Space can determine the type of gate you install. Areas with little space can limit your options. For example, slide gates are installed if there is no room to swing open. However, if you have the room, your options are endless.

Choose Your Style

After considering all factors, you can confidently choose your gate. It is important it matches the style of your home. This improves aesthetic and adds value. Contact us for more information.

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