The Right Fence for Your Home

The Right Fence for Your Home

The Right Fence for Your Home

Every home has a particular style and personality that usually reflects that of the homeowner. Maybe you are thinking about changing up the look of the exterior of your home or updating old fencing. A variety of fencing options are available, but trying to decide on the right fence for your home can be difficult. Here are some things to consider regarding what different types of fencing say about you and your home:

Iron Fencing

Iron fencing became popular in England during the 1700s after St. Paul’s Cathedral used it around the church property, along with areas for gates. Then historical institutions such as the Cambridge Senate House and more adopted fencing with iron. From there, the use of ornamental fencing became more and more popular. Nowadays, homeowners opt for iron fencing to provide a simple, sleek elegance to their home requiring little to no maintenance. This style of fencing is also great for owners of very friendly, sociable pets and homeowners that like to showcase their landscaping.   

Classic Wood

Wood fencing offers various types of styles to give your home the personality it needs. A split rail fence is a type of log fence that takes the full circumference of a log and splits it in half to place lengthwise into rails. The composition is usually three tiers and is known for more acred properties like ranches. It also adds rustic appeal and allows room for creative design from its traditional options. 

Picket fences are the most common for residential properties. This style of fence has endless options for sizing, wood type, and height depending on your preference of design. Privacy fences are no gap fencing for those who like seclusion or have animals that are nervous about outdoor distractions. 

Corral fencing is another type of wood fencing that is common for small acred properties. It is very similar to a split rail fence but instead of using logs, it uses picket fencing style without dog ears and other top finishes. This design also features more tiers, about four to five versus the three tiers seen in split rails. 

Other Things to Consider

While picking the best fence matching your personality and the character of your home is important, there are other factors to consider that can affect your selection. Pets and children are the top things to consider, if applicable. Some fencing styles can increase the risk of your pet becoming free and lost, while others can affect the safety of your children. If you are looking into gate features, then some styles of fencing may not be available. Make sure any decision changing factors are considered before starting your fencing project.

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