All You Need to Know About Property Lines

All You Need to Know About Property Lines

All You Need to Know About Property Lines

Whether you recently purchased raw acreage or an established lot with a home built on it, you need to where your property lines lay. While it may seem easier to eyeball the perimeter for your new fence, being wrong could cost you. 

Why You Need to Know Your Property Lines

Knowing where your property begins and ends makes it easier to complete the building of a new fence. If you plan on installing fence near your property line, hire a surveyor to ensure accuracy. This avoids frustrations and possible settlements later on from upset neighbors who do not want your fence on their property.

How to Find Them

Developers establish property lines when they begin to build a new neighborhood. If you were to visit a new housing development, you would see wooden stakes denoting the corners of each lot, marking where each property line is. Over time, especially during construction, these stakes can be broken, misplaced or lost completely. To find your property lines, you will need to refer to a plat map that outlines the entire neighborhood. 

property lines on a plat mapHiring A Surveyor

Without proper training, reading a plat map can be difficult. Surveyors specialize in making precise measurements when locating legal boundaries of a plot of land. If you hire a surveyor to analyze your the boundary of your property, they will bury metal bars at the corner of your property before placing a stake or flag above ground so you can find your property lines in the future.

Ready to Install a Fence?

Once you know the legal boundaries of your property, you are ready to hire an expert to install your fence. Our team at Texas Fence & Iron can help you determine the best fence placement for your needs. Contact us to learn more about our Houston fencing services.

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