How to Prepare for Fence Installation

How to Prepare for Fence Installation

How to Prepare for Fence Installation

You have made the decision to install a fence for your home or residence. What are the next steps? Here is how to properly prepare for a fence installation. 


1.Consult Your Neighbors/ Surrounding Properties


Especially if you share an area with a neighbor or surrounding property, you should give them a heads up on installation. A fence can easily change the view of an area, and you should let them know what they can expect to see. 

2.Property Lines


Before the fence is actually installed, you should know your exact property lines and where you want the fence. This will prevent any troubles that might come with HOA’s or property owners. 


3.Mark Utilities


To help prevent any damages to utilities that are placed underground, it is important to mark them so the fence installation company will know. This may change the path or way the fence will be built. 




There are many materials that can be used to build a fence including wood, iron or vinyl. This is the time to determine if the fence has to be durable, aesthetically pleasing, flexible or all of the above. 


5.Find a Fencing Company


Once you figured out all the details, you are ready to find the perfect fencing company. You should find a reliable, trustworthy company that is willing to work with you and your needs and wants. Also discuss pricing and duration of the installation process.

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