How to Plan for a New Fence

How to Plan for a New Fence

How to Plan for a New Fence

How to plan for a new fence-Texas Fence and Iron

A fence is a great addition to any home; incorporating safety, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are considering replacing an existing fence or enclosing your yard for the first time, it is important to properly plan before installation.

Check Fencing Rules & Regulations. Contact your homeowner’s association to learn the requirements and restrictions regarding fence installations in your neighborhood. Common regulations include: height of fence, location of fence, and fencing materials.

Assess Reasoning. Think about why you want a fence and decipher the primary goal you want to achieve from your fence. Analyzing your reasons will help you determine what fencing styles you may prefer.

Determine Budget. Once you determine your fence’s primary function, you can decide how much you are willing to invest in your new fence. Setting a budget will also help you narrow down the material and styling options of your fence.

Select Fence Materials. Although there is an abundance of material choices–such as vinyl, wood, steel, and chain link–during this step, it is important to take cost and maintenance into consideration when choosing the type of fence that best suits your needs.How to plan for a new fence-Texas Fence and Iron

Alert Neighbors. Before installing your fence, talk to your bordering neighbors. Giving your neighbors a heads-up is not only crucial to fence etiquette, but your neighbor may be willing to split the cost of the fence that divides your properties.


One of the most important steps in planning for a new fence is deciding who should install the fence. Hiring a professional, such as Texas Fence & Iron Co., ensures quality products with exceptional delivery by trained installers. At Texas Fence & Iron, we provide our clients with customizable fencing options with great functionality at a great price.

From design to installation, the professionals at Texas Fence & Iron Co. will exceed your expectations. Contact us today at (281) 995-2050 or

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