How to Keep Ivy from Ruining Your Fence

How to Keep Ivy from Ruining Your Fence

How to Keep Ivy from Ruining Your Fence

If ivy growing on your fence is not the desired look, it can often be a chore to keep it from growing all over the fence. Plants such as ivy and vines love to grow against items, such as fences, and in some cases they can damage the fence. Here is how to keep ivy from ruining your fence: 

Removing the Plants


Vines and ivy love to take over fences, and in some cases, they can damage or ruin the fence. The plants can grow up and eventually grow into the fence, making the problem worse if not handled. The best way to prevent this is to remove the plants completely. Start at the root and cut the plant. Some people also like to spray herbicide to prevent stragglers from growing. Once the plant is dead, you can untangle it from the fence. 

Cut Back the Vine 

If you don’t want to get rid of the plant completely, you can just trim the plant down. If you install a wire next to the plant, it will grow attached to that rather than the fence. Usually these plants grow slowly, so it is important to watch out for them to start growing on the fence so you know when to trim it back. Most people cut the plant down once a year. 

Stop It From Growing 

Even if you removed the plant completely, there may have been seedlings left in the dirt. After you remove the plant, you should dig in the first to make sure no remains are left. If the roots are hard to find, you can spray root killer in the dirt. 

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