Fencing for Dog Parks

Fencing for Dog Parks

Fencing for Dog Parks

During the work week, your dog likely sits at home and waits for your return. To make up for lost time together, many people choose to take their dog to a local dog park in their spare time. Dog parks allow your pet to have some fun, find new playmates, and get some much needed exercise. In order to build a new community dog park, you must choose your fencing options wisely to ensure both safety to your dog and others. 

Fencing Options

When it comes to designing a dog park, you have to focus on choosing a material that’s durable. Steel, iron, and aluminum are great options based on where the park is located and what size of dog it’s meant to keep fenced in. Wood is known to weather and rot overtime, whereas metal can withstand the wear and tear that dogs can inflict. Dog owners will want to make sure that their dog is safely contained behind the fence without the risk of an escape. Choosing a fence that will put their mind at ease might require wider and taller planks. A fence with smaller gaps will prevent more petite breeds from squeezing through and higher fences will keep larger breeds from jumping over. Posts and panels can also be buried, preventing dogs from digging underneath and out to the other side. 

Entry Points

Along with designing a safe and secure perimeter around the park, constructing multiple entry points can make all the difference. Rather than all visitors gathering in one part of the park, provide a second gate to avoid crowds. For more security, providing self-locking gates can help prevent escape artists from running out of the designated area. Adding a corral space in between two access points can allow patrons to secure their dog before exiting or entering the park.

A dog park is a place to have fun and mingle with other dog-lovers. Create the perfect local dog park with the use of proper materials, dimensions, safety regulations, and aesthetics. For all your fencing and gate needs, contact us today. To learn more about other fencing tips, check out our blog page here.

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