Baseball Fencing and Guidelines

Baseball Fencing and Guidelines

Baseball Fencing and Guidelines

It’s about to be everyone’s favorite sporting season- baseball. With this comes the safety between the field and while following the correct fencing baseball guidelines. 


To ensure the safety of the fields, professional fencing is the best way to protect players and the crowds. While the main game is enclosed by fencing, there are possibilities of the game traveling to spectators. Proper fencing ensures the boundaries between the team and the fans. When watching a game, the last thing you want to worry about is the quality of the fencing and when to watch your head. The fence should be able to withstand players running into it and catching every outfield ball. Let us focus on fencing while you focus on the game. 


Fencing is also important for getting the correct dimensions regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and The World Baseball Softball Confederation. They advise the fencing for a baseball field be eight feet tall and the outfield fence needs to be supportive and sturdy. For softball, the fencing must be six feet tall, including the outfield fencing. All of these rules and regulations are put in order with safety as the number one priority. 

The Big Picture

Fencing is much more important than most people think. It’s not just the fencing around the field, it also includes the dugout, backspot behind the home plate and batting cages. Professional fencing can ensure the best quality fencing while leaving you worry free about the what-ifs of fencing. 

Let us help you with any fencing needs! We will take the stress of correct installation off your hands and give you the best quality fencing. With Texas Fence and Iron, we do all the hard work so you can focus on homeruns. Contact us today for more information on how to get started. 

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