Driveway Gate Designs That Are Always In Style

Driveway Gate Designs That Are Always In Style

Driveway Gate Designs That Are Always In Style

Driveway gates are ideal for homeowners looking for extra security but can be bland in style compared to the rest of the property. The perfect match is a blend of functionality and appearance, which can be created based on your needs and tastes. Selecting the best design for you can be difficult, however, there are some driveway gate designs that are always going to be in style for you to consider.


Modern driveway gates first started making their appearance around the late 20th century, focusing on clean and straight lines notable in linear and angular architecture ideas. Most modern gates are made from metals like steel or aluminum; however the design can also implement wood, creating a more rustic and ranch appeal. Usually a statement design, the gate results in a bold appearance with a darker color to complement it. Its boldness means that this type of fence pairs nicely with more modern-looking homes. While it is possible to implement with traditional or historical homes, most likely the two will clash with one another.


A classic driveway gate is a standard open bar metal gate with a simple design on top. Putting function first and aesthetics second, this gate is simple while ensuring it is not plain or boring. Its design can make a property look very elegant with smooth lines and soft curves while remaining functional with powder-coated steel or wrought iron. Usually accompanied by pillars, its simplicity can match brick, stone, or other materials to complete the vision. 


Ornate gates are similar to classic functional designs. However, it takes it one step further to focus more on the aesthetics of the design. The different types of embellishments, such as curvatures, spirals, flowers and leaves, spears, and more, can be featured throughout the gate or confined with posts. Ornate gates can also match a fence with ornate designs, bringing together a uniformed look. Due to its eye-drawing appeal, most designs feature pillars with embellishments at the top, such as statues or light fixtures. While this type of gate is made out of the same materials as classic gates, the design is enhanced with possibilities of painted details in a variety of colors, ensuring a grand statement piece if desired. 


This type of gate differs from ornate options due to its simplicity and the materials used. A farm-style (also known as ranch-style) gate is generally made out of wood to blend with more rustic designs. Best suited for open, rural spaces, this gate reflects best with nature. While known for its simplicity and durability, the gate can also be customizable with stains, carvings for details, and more to make the personality of the home and its owners. 

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