Corral Fencing

Corral Fencing

Corral Fencing

When it comes to choosing a fence style suited for livestock such as horses, many people often think about corral fencing. But did you know there are different materials that can be used for corral fencing? Here are some of the different types of corral fencing and their benefits: 


Wood is the most common material used for corral fencing. This type of fence is usually used for larger animals such as horses or cattle, marking property borders or used for a garden area.  It can be customized with the type of wood used and the ability to stain or paint the wood. This can allow the protection of livestock as well as preventing unwanted animals from entering. Not only that, but wood fences have the ability to be used for decorative purposes. 


Vinyl fencing is another great option for corral fencing. It is made from recycled materials that are non-toxic to animals, so if they lick or chew on the material it will not do any harm. This material is less customizable but can come in either a smooth or grainy finish. Relatively low maintenance, vinyl does not rust or need to be repainted unlike other materials such as wood or metal. 

Split Rail

Split rail fences are considered wood fences, but the way they are installed makes them different. It has a rougher surface and a more rustic look and feel. Other than the appearance, this type of fence still has a high level of protection and can be used for other surrounding areas such as gardens or pastures. 

Steel Pipe

Steel is popular among corral fencing due to its strength and how lightweight it is. It is simple, but an effective way of corral fencing. However, it is good to know that this style of fence can rust quickly and should be cleaned regularly to avoid it. 

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