Best Fencing For Farms & Ranches

Best Fencing For Farms & Ranches

Best Fencing For Farms & Ranches

It takes a lot of time, sweat, and money to own a farm, ranch, or acreage of any kind. All of which requires consistent maintenance and tending to, keeping you on your toes at all times. What can make things worse is having to stress over the safety of your property and the animals that live in it. A great way to improve management is to provide your land with specific fencing for farms and ranches.

Why Choose Ranch and Game Fencing?

Ranch and Game fencing serves the purpose of keeping livestock or wildlife from wandering off and other visitors from getting in. It could be that you’re planning on separating your lot up into different pastures and will want to find the perfect fence for whatever lives within it. You’ll likely want to opt out for the most durable and secure fence that can withstand environmental stressors and animal influence. Cattle can locate wide gaps in fencing, giving them enough wiggle room to escape outside of their pasture. Height should also be considered to avoid other animals from jumping over to the other side. Finally, you may just be interested in simply complementing your home.

For Cattle

Depending on what your goals are for your cattle ranch, consider the size, gender, and breed of cattle you plan to place behind the fence. From rowdy bulls, to cows with horns, it is best to consider the variables before making your choice. Being around for more than 150 years, barbed wire has remained a common favorite among ranchers. This can be a great choice for those with full-grown livestock, but would not be the right choice for anything smaller. Barbed wire can serve its purpose, but may not be known to be long-lasting. High-Tensile Fixed-Knot Wire can be a great alternative and known for its durability. This method of fencing also offers little to no openings for escapees and trespassers, keeping your assets in and smaller, destructive critters out. 

For Horses

Horses and cows differ in many ways, as they both will require fencing that adheres to them. Visibility is crucial when fencing in horses, which is why something like barbed wire might not be a good fit for them. Horses can become spooked or catch a case of the “zoomies”, which can result in a tragedy if they cannot see what surrounds them. A white plank wooden fence would serve a horse greatly and will be easy enough for them to see. A step above that would be a vinyl fence, known for their durability and low maintenance. Overtime, wood can absorb oils and water causing it to rot. While this may take a long time to show, opting out for vinyl will be both visible and longer-lasting.

For Smaller Animals

Smaller animals will require protection from predators as well as a barrier to keep them enclosed. Goats enjoy climbing onto objects and are known to leap skillfully over their quarters. Pallet fencing offers less escape routes and will keep shape when in contact with their tiny horns, unlike wire. 

Providing proper fencing will ensure safety to you and your animals, preserving all the hard work you invest in your property. For all your fencing needs, contact us today.

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