A Better Fence, A Happier Neighbor

A Better Fence, A Happier Neighbor

A Better Fence, A Happier Neighbor

A Better Fence- A Happier Neighbor- Texas Fence and Iron co.As a homeowner, being a good neighbor is an expectation that requires tact and a simple policy of respect. Constructing a fence around your property means your neighbors will see it too, and without proper fence etiquette, issues could arise.

No matter the reasoning or intention of your new fence, here are five fence etiquette tips to ensure your fence is pleasing to everyone:

Know the Fencing Rules – If you live within an HOA area, it is your responsibility to know the rules for fencing. Most guidelines to take into consideration include height, style, and maintenance. Staying compliant with the rules in your area can make your neighbor happy, as well.

Know Your Boundaries – Before building a fence in your yard, be sure to know your property’s boundaries. Doing this ahead of time could avoid the risk of termination after installation or having your neighbors unhappy with placement.

Material Selection – It’s important to remember that fencing adds value to your home. When choosing a fencing material, it is wise to choose a material that fits with others within your neighborhood. In addition, proper maintenance to your fencing will protect your investment and keep your neighbor’s eyes pleased.

A Better Fence- A Happier Neighbor- Texas Fence and Iron co.

Construction – Facing the finished side of your fence towards your neighbor is considered a common courtesy. However, consider a double-sided privacy fence, also known as a “good neighbor fence”, to both have the best side of the fence.

Inform Your Neighbors – No one likes surprises. Before installing or replacing a fence, consider informing your neighbors to prevent disputes down the road. Perhaps, if your neighbor was considering a new fence, they would be willing to collaborate with you.

You handle the etiquette and Texas Fence & Iron Co. will handle the building. We are a fence company that provides top-notch fencing materials installed by trained, professional and courteous experts. Contact Texas Fence & Iron Co. today and we’ll help you choose the right fence that will keep you–and your neighbors–proud.

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