Why the Perfect Game Fencing is Important for Your Ranch

Why the Perfect Game Fencing is Important for Your Ranch

Why the Perfect Game Fencing is Important for Your Ranch

When it comes to your farm or ranch, choosing the right game fencing is crucial. Are you trying to keep your animals in? Maybe you’re looking to keep other animals out? Here are three things to consider to help you pick the ideal game fencing.

Post Up

The importance of choosing your fence posts cannot be overstated. From simple to fancy, every type of post has pros and cons. It is critical to know which kind of fence posts are best for your scenario. Metal posts are not as aesthetically pleasing as wooden posts, but they are easy to install, durable, reusable, and you can move them around.

Wooden posts are a second option. They are generally a little more expensive and heavier to move around, but they have a long lifespan and are visually appealing. Locust posts are another option if you want a wooden fence. They are harder to find sometimes and the installation is a bit more complicated, but they have a nice rustic look once they are in place.

Down to the Wire

So, you’ve got your posts. Now you need the fence wire. Just like the first step, there are a lot of wires to choose from for your game fencing. Choosing the right wire is all about knowing why you need your fence.

Welded wire is good for protecting small game (like chickens) or a garden. Woven wire is the next step up, protecting medium-sized livestock like goats. Barbed wire or electrical fencing is ideal when trying to contain larger areas.

Through the Gate

Your game fencing is all set up. The last step is picking a gate—which is a much simpler process. Choosing a gate simply comes down to looks, cost, and convenience. A tube gate is durable and long-lasting. You can usually pick any size ranging from a 3-foot walkway to a 16-foot drive-through, but they can get pricey. On the other hand, wooden gates can be built to any custom size and will usually look great when finished.


Choosing the right game fencing can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. At Texas Fence and Iron, we have a group of experts ready to help you with the process. Contact us today to get your questions answered, and let our skilled professionals install your next fence

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