What You Need to Know About Gates

What You Need to Know About Gates

What You Need to Know About Gates

If you are interested in a new gate, whether it be an entry gate or a privacy gate, there are many things people often forget about. Knowing the right size, material and the positioning of a gate is crucial in determining the kind of gate desired. Here is everything you need to know about gates: 


The size of a gate is determined by where the gate will be placed and the size of the property. For entry gates, usually the size is three feet wide. For smaller areas such as gardens or pathways, it is smaller. However, this is completely customizable to you. Take accurate measurements and work from there. 


There are many different materials to choose from. Metal, Iron and wood are the most popular. Iron and metal provide a certain aesthetic and a higher durability, whereas wood is lighter and can be stained or painted to achieve a certain look. It is also important to know the maintenance of certain materials. Metal and iron might be subject to rust where wood may be chipped or warped. 

Positioning and Location 

Knowing where you want the fence will also determine the size, material and positioning. For gates around pools or gardens, they should be level and an accurate size. Depending on the area, a second fence may be needed. If you live on a hilly property, having a fence level is crucial is making sure the fence will be sturdy enough. 

Call the Experts

Everything you need to know about gates can be tricky and overwhelming. Let the professionals at Texas Fence and Iron help you! We are experienced in building the perfect gates and fences for residential and commercial areas. Feel free to contact us for more information and view our portfolio

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