What is Temporary Fencing and Its Benefits?

What is Temporary Fencing and Its Benefits?

What is Temporary Fencing and Its Benefits?

Fencing provides boundaries, safety, and security for any use for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, we think of a commercial or residential fence to maintain the security of a home and the safety of those dwelling in it but can be used in a variety of applications. While most fencing is permanent, there are a variety of reasons to use temporary fencing.

Temporary fencing, also referred to as mobile fencing, is a less permanent fencing option with relocation capabilities and the durability permanent fencing offers. It also provides the safety and security of a specific location, or just general boundary maintenance till a more permanent option becomes available. There are various types of temporary fencing options obtainable depending on your needs and made for multiple uses before replacement.

There are a variety of applications that utilize the benefits of temporary fencing. Construction sites are one of the most common places to find temporary fencing. Due to the safety risks of a construction site, boundaries are needed to ensure the safety of those outside the project, and temporary fencing does just that. You can identify temporary fencing for this application by locating a bright orange mesh or chain-link fencing covered in black rubber tarps around the perimeter.

Outdoor events also employ the benefits of temporary fencing. Concerts such as Coachella or state fairs require boundaries to ensure the safety of those inside as well as it’s parameters. It also assists in keeping children from wandering too far or indicate the area of the event. Activities requiring a purchased ticket for entry benefit as well to keep nonpayers outside the boundary. Performers use temporary fencing to create a boundary between themselves and the crowd. 

There is a temporary fence option assisting in the containment of pets. While permanent fencing is usually ideal for our furry companions, temporary fencing assist owners in the creation of a designated space for their animals to wander without getting lost, all the while maintaining the openness of their property without a permanent fence. 

Various types of temporary fencing make the selection for every application easier. Bike rack barricades are found in events requiring crowd control, such as sports, marathons, and concerts. Chain-link fencing is present at carnivals, construction sites, or other areas with high safety concerns. Mojo barricades are another event fencing substitute, made from aluminum providing a strong and sturdy feel while remaining lightweight for easy relocation. This type of temporary fencing is a stronger crowd control alternative when a bike barricade or cow gate may not do. 

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