Useful Fences for Homeowners

Useful Fences for Homeowners

Useful Fences for Homeowners

Useful Fences for Homeowners - Texas Fence and IronAs a homeowner, there are many useful fences for your residential property. These fences may provide different benefits and functions, such as containing pets and small children, creating a privacy barrier for neighbors, serve as a form of security against intruders, or bring aesthetic appeal to your home.

• Privacy Fence – If you’re looking for seclusion from your neighbors, you may want a fence that is 4 to 6 feet tall where the vertical boards fit together to eliminate peeking through. Fences made for privacy can also offer protection and solve problems like securing dogs and children in their own yard or enclosing in a garden area. It is also a great idea to add a smaller fence around trash cans or air conditioning units to seclude them from the rest of the yard. If your privacy fence is causing a fuss with neighbors, read our article to learn how you can handle fence disputes.

Useful Fences for Homeowners - Texas Fence and Iron• Pool Fence – Anytime you install a pool, you will need to surround it with some kind of fencing according to local codes and regulations. Pool fences help ensure safety for all users. Enclosing around a pool area at your home can be done with vinyl, wood or ornamental iron fences. Depending on the look you want and how much time time you want to spend on maintenance will determine the material you choose. Read our article to learn the benefits of installing an iron fence around your pool.

• Decorative Fence – Fences serve many important purposes, but maybe you’re wanting a fence strictly for aesthetic appeal. Wood and vinyl fences come in an array of different top styles: dogeared, framed, french gothic, lattice, pointed and squared. No matter the style, a well-designed, appealing fence can add value to your home. However, before deciding on any type of fencing for your yard, it is important to check with your HOA for rules and regulations. Looking to give your old fence some decorative style? Read our article for tips.

For your next fencing project, give Texas Fence and Iron a call. We are always looking to bring quality to every home through useful fences.

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