The Best Fence Type for Your Livestock

The Best Fence Type for Your Livestock

The Best Fence Type for Your Livestock

Different types of livestock require unique fencing. Each type of fence is designed to protect animals from outside predators and keep them on your property. Here are some considerations for each species when choosing livestock fencing.


Visibility is the most important consideration when selecting fencing for horses. A horse needs to be able to see the fence to avoid getting tangled. Wood post and board fences allow horses to clearly see boundaries; however, this type of fence requires more labor to set up and is more expensive. Another option is wide-strand, electrified poly tape. This fencing is lightweight and easy to install.


For cattle, fencing should be able to withstand cattle pushing or rubbing on it. Barbed wire and woven wire are common choices for fencing. High-tensile wire fencing systems with treated wood posts are also becoming popular.

If you own a bull, or multiple, it is crucial to install a stronger fencing system to keep the males separated from others during various seasons of the year.


Panel fencing works best for containing hogs. Since the average pig weighs 282 pounds at maturity, it is important to build a fence strong enough to withstand a hog running into it. Panel fencing uses heavy-gauge wire panels to keep hogs in their stalls.

Sheep and Goat

Sheep and goats are notorious for escaping or getting tangled in fencing. We recommend goat net wire fencing with posts spaced closely together to ensure sheep and goats remain safely contained in their environment.

Electric Fencing

Electric wire can be added to any type of fencing to further protect livestock. Electric fencing needs to be properly grounded and powerful enough to stop your livestock from trying to get through the fence.

The qualified team at Texas Fence and Iron can help determine the best livestock fencing for your operation. Contact us to install fencing for your livestock.

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