Power Washing vs Hand Washing Your Fence

Power Washing vs Hand Washing Your Fence

Power Washing vs Hand Washing Your Fence


Maintaining a fence is extremely important, especially washing it properly. Most people either power wash or hand wash their fence. But which one is better for your fence? Here is a breakdown of power washing vs hand washing your fence: 

Power Washing 

Power washing is a very effective way of washing your fence. It uses pressured water that can easily get rid of first and debris and decrease the overall cleaning time. Even if you don’t own a power washer, you can rent one. To start the process, it is recommended to start on a lighter pressure to see what your fence can handle. Then you can slowly work your way up to a higher pressure. It is also important to lay a sheet over surrounding plants that could be damaged. 


However, only certain fence materials can withstand a power washer such as vinyl, wood and iron fences. If you use a power washer on a different fence material, you could cause more damage to it. Not to mention if the fence is near plants or bushes, the power washer can damage the plants or any other surrounding areas. 

Hand Washing 

Hand washing is convenient and can be done to any type of fence, including older fences. You can hand wash wood fences without having to worry about damaging the fence. Most people start the hand washing process by wetting the fence with a water hose than scrubbing the fence with a cleaning solution, followed by a final rinsing. 

Even though hand washing is more convenient, it can take a long time to clean the fence properly and uses a lot of effort. 

Which One?

The bottom line is to figure out which method is best for you to determine the state of your fence. If your fence is older and more delicate, than hand washing would be best. If you have a newer iron, vinyl or wood that needs a harder cleaning, then power washing is the right choice for you. 

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