The Best Fence for Man’s Best Friend

The Best Fence for Man’s Best Friend

The Best Fence for Man’s Best Friend

Whether you have a furry companion or a less traditional four-legged friend, we do our best to keep them happy, safe, and protected. Also, creating a safe area for them to explore with minimal supervision while maintaining protection from intruders is very important. How you choose the best fence can be a little more tricky, with various factors to consider. Here are some things to contemplate as you decide the best fencing for man’s best friend. 

Knowing general facts about your pet can be beneficial when considering the perfect fence. The type of animal you have and their size is something many do not think about when choosing a barrier for the backyard. While many know puppies are small in size, it is best to understand their full-grown height to prevent future worry about replacing it as they age. Look into their breed history to see how active they are, or ask people with the same breed as you in public online forums. Understanding the behavior of your pet is insightful if they have a history of crawling under, squeezing through, or jumping fences. 

One option for smaller pets is to have a chain-link fence. The size of the links will contain your pet to the backyard area and provide the inability to squeeze through or jump over. If you would like something more aesthetically pleasing, another option would be a wood fence with no gaps between boards. Providing improved safety from outside intruders and increased privacy, this option guarantees no strangers on the other side can approach your pet if they have a history of anxiousness around new people.  

For larger pets, iron-ornamental fencing can be ideal since it prevents larger pets from fitting through the openings while maintaining a free feeling environment. Wood fences with or without gaps can be a great choice as well if you would like to have more privacy. If you opt for a wood fence, one thing to consider is increasing the footage size of the board from the standard 6-foot size. Home development companies offer other sizes like 8- and 10-foot fence boards to provide additional security and privacy while preventing larger dogs with a background of jumping from escaping. 

Texas Fence and Iron aims to deliver our clients with durable fencing for years to come. We want our customers to succeed – let us take over the worry of security and privacy. For more information regarding fencing selection, check out our services page to browse available options or contact us today. 

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