Can I Install a Fence During the Winter?

Can I Install a Fence During the Winter?

Can I Install a Fence During the Winter?

The short answer is yes, you can install a fence during the winter. This is especially true for Texas, where the winters aren’t near as harsh as those further north. Here are a few reasons why you should install a new fence this winter.

Get Your Fence Installed Quickly

The spring and summer months are busiest for fencing companies. Waiting until winter can cut down on wait and installation times. If you choose to install a new fence in December or January, your backyard will be ready when warm weather returns and you want to spend all your free time relaxing outside. 

Protect Landscaping

Most trees, shrubs and plants go dormant during the colder months. Choosing to install a fence when your greenery is dormant prevents damage to your plant life. Additionally, contractors can install your fence faster than if they had to worry about protecting the plants near your new fence.

Prepare for the  Winter Weather

If your current fence is beginning to rot or crack, it’s time to replace it. In fact, a new fence will hold up better against the cold and ice. By replacing your fence now, you can ensure your backyard stays clean and secure without fear of broken planks as the season progresses.

Plan Around Outdoor Activities

When the weather gets colder, we tend to stay bundled up inside and participate in indoor activities. Installing a new fence before spring means you won’t have to worry about contractors installing a fence when you’re trying to host an outdoor event. 

Provide a Safe Space for Your New Pet

Christmas can be the perfect time to introduce a new member to your family. If you plan on surprising someone with a pet this holiday season, keep in mind they will need a backyard to run and play. Before bringing a new puppy or dog home, make sure your fence is strong and without broken planks.

In Texas, winter is the perfect time to install a new fence. Contact Texas Fence & Iron today to plan your installation.

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