Importance of Knowing Your Property Line

Importance of Knowing Your Property Line

Importance of Knowing Your Property Line

Property lines are important. It’s crucial to know where your property lines are and also how to find them. Knowing the size of your land is important for property values and if you’re considering putting up a fence.

Why is it important to know where your property line is?

Property lines can get complicated. If you ask most homeowners where their property ends, they’ll give you landmarks like the end of their driveway and their neighbor’s fence in the backyard. But property lines can play a factor in cases of insurance and liability.

What if a branch on a tree in your yard is hanging over your neighbor’s property and causes damage when it falls? It’s critical to know exactly where your land ends and your neighbor’s begins.

If you don’t know what land is yours, you’ll be extremely limited with the changes you can make on your property. Maybe you want to dig up a tree or put up a fence. In both of those cases, you need to know the exact property lines. This is especially important when a possible sale of the home comes up.

How can I figure out where my property line is?

Hiring a surveyor is the one of the most foolproof and hands-off ways to evaluate property lines. In most instances, you can find this information in your deed as well. Contacting the county assessor’s office is also an option.

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