How to Select a Home Security Fence

How to Select a Home Security Fence

How to Select a Home Security Fence

Installing a fence around your property is done without homeowners putting too much thought into it. Maybe you’ve considered factors like security when trying to select the best fence for your home. The general rule of thumb is to decrease the number of hiding places, make it hard to climb over, and cannot be easily bypassed. 

Hiding Places

When shopping for a security fence for your home, having tight, visually inhibiting options can result in better hiding positions for burglars. This can be achieved by any type of fencing so you can maintain the aesthetics of your home as well. Wood fencing can be installed with small gaps might be your best option to maintain privacy while decreasing the number of hiding areas. 

Hard to Climb Over

Tall fences are beneficial for security reasons since it takes more effort to climb over. There are some options in height size, the standard height at around 6 feet. Taller fences 8 and 10 feet are available, but you should refer to the rules of your homeowner’s association before installing for fence height. 

Fences with fewer horizontal rails will also complicate the climbing process. The number of rails for fences depends on the owner, but it is recommended to have only two rails for your fence. Having it placed at the top and bottom of your fence will not only maintain its stability but make the next rail harder to reach. 

Lastly, fences with spiked or pointed tips will increase the struggle of climbing versus dog ear options. A variety of fencing styles provide this, between wrought iron and wood. If you are looking for a wood fence but are limited in style options, most places offer custom ends for a small fee. But it is okay if you can select this option as you can install razor wire or anti-climb spikes at the top of a flat-end fence.

Not Easily Bypassed

A fence is less secure if someone can easily go around it, under it, or cut through it. To ensure the security of your fence, make sure your installation process includes securing the main posts into the ground with concrete or concrete footings along the entire length. But, the more concrete you use the more expensive it can be, which can strain homeowners on a budget. 

While cutting through a fence requires a lot of work, it is still possible. For example, chain link fences can easily be cut through with bolt cutters. If you are considering metal fencing, wrought iron would be a great selection. With wood fencing, this is an area of less concern since it takes stronger materials like axes to work through after some effort. But, homeowners should note that if you have wood fencing, make sure to maintain and note areas of weakness in case it starts to wear and rot. 

Installing gates will also increase the security of the property. Most gates include the installation of simple locks, so upgrading to a more complex lock like padlocks or a series of various lock combinations will be beneficial as well.

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