How to Decorate Your Iron Fence

How to Decorate Your Iron Fence

How to Decorate Your Iron Fence

An iron fence by itself can be seen as decorative or aesthetically pleasing, but did you know there are different ways to decorate your iron fence? If you are planning on installing an iron fence, think about decorating it with either plants, lights or accents. Here are different ways you can decorate your iron fence: 



Plants are one of the most popular ways of decorating your fence. Usually, plants will grow up and in the fence on their own creating a new floral look to the fence. The most common plant used for this consists of shrubs, vines and small trees. Some people often plant spring flowers to brighten up the fence and perfect it for the correlating season. 


If you spend time outdoors, lights will be a great addition to your fence. There are many different lights to choose from that can be used for protective and entertaining measures. Lantern, fairy and string lights are popular for iron fences. Whichever lighting you choose, make sure it is made for the outdoors to prevent any issues. 

Decorative Accents

Decorative accents such as picket scrolls can be used to add some style to your fence. These picket scrolls can easily fit onto the fence, and at any point, depending on the desired look. Most popular picket scrolls include a Texas star lasso, ball tip quad and a fleur de lis symbol. 

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