Garden Fence: Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garden

Garden Fence: Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garden

Garden Fence: Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garden

Gardening and planting season is coming up in just a few months and with it comes all the wildlife that likes to eat your garden as a snack. Rabbits, squirrels, deer, raccoons and more can sneak into the garden for a bite. Putting up the right garden fence to protect your growing plants is the key to having a critter-free garden. 


When planning a fence for your garden, you first need to identify what wildlife is or could potentially be eating your plants. This will help you plan out the design and height of the fence. For most animals, like cats, squirrels, and chickens, 6 feet will be high enough. If you are just worried about rabbits, you can get away with half that height. If you’re growing corn and worried about deer, you may want to go with an 8+ foot fence as deer can jump over 6 feet. 

If you are worried about animals burrowing under your fence, you may want to have the fence go 6 inches underground. This should detour any animals from digging under the fence as most will give up before digging the whole six inches.


Next, you’ll want to pick the style and material of your fence. A popular material is galvanized wire. This is usually welded together in the shapes of squares. There are many different sizes. For smaller animals, you’ll want to go with a 1″ x 1″ grid pattern. If you are more worried about deer or other large animals, you can do a bigger grid pattern. This wire can be installed between wood or metal posts depending on your specific needs and the style you are wanting. 

Our fencing professionals can help you decide what height and material would work best for your game or garden fence. If you are interested in speaking to one of our reps about your next fencing project, contact us here

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