Everything You Need to Know About Equine Fencing

Everything You Need to Know About Equine Fencing

Everything You Need to Know About Equine Fencing

There are many options for equine fencing and different situations can change how they impact your horses. Depending on a variety of factors, your fence may differ from other horse owners. When building a fence, consider the following factors before choosing a material.


Price can quickly help narrow down the type of fencing you choose for horses. Fencing materials can cost anywhere from five cents to nine dollars per square foot. If you are fencing a larger area with multiple pens and pastures, consider having two different types of fence. Other factors will help determine where stronger or more aesthetic types of fence are needed. 


Depending on your budget, you may be able to choose a more aesthetically pleasing type of equine fencing. While this may not be important for leisure horse owners, boarding and training facilities should budget for a better-looking fence to attract ideal clients.


The horses you own should also be taken into consideration. Younger, active horses may be more likely to test boundaries. Their fence will need to be stronger. If your horse is known to escape, electric fencing may discourage bad behavior. For foals or miniature horses, add woven fence wiring to prevent the animals from getting out.


Small spaces add pressure when multiple horses are corralled together. These areas will need additional fortification. Wood panels work best in areas where owners need something stronger to hold horses.


If keeping predators out is a concern, add woven wire fencing or net wire to fence. Properties with public access or neighboring properties should also add safety features to keep humans out of pastures. 


Before making a final decision, decide how much time you would like to allocate to maintenance of the fence. Metal fences can stay in place for years without much maintenance. Wooden fencing requires routine checks to ensure quality. If fencing is painted, it will need to be repainted every few years.

The experts at Texas Fence and Iron can help determine the best equine fencing for your horses. Contact us today for more information.

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