Considerations Before You Build a Fence

Considerations Before You Build a Fence

Considerations Before You Build a Fence

Fences serve multiple purposes. They can keep your pets contained in a yard, give your children a safe place to play, block noise and provide privacy. Fences also add curb appeal to your home and could possibly add to your home’s value. There are multiple considerations to make before building a fence.

Do Your Research

Before building a fence, check with your homeowners or neighborhood association for restrictions. These codes can possibly dictate height, material and overall look of your fence. The restrictions also state how far your fence must be from sidewalks and roads.

Choose Your Materials

Materials determine the effort you will put into upkeeping your fence. Wood fences might require occasional staining or painting. They are also more likely to rot over time and need replacing. Vinyl fencing provides a low-maintenance alternative, offering the look of wood without the additional time commitment. Other fence types include aluminum, steel and wrought iron.

Mix it Up

Budget can play a role in the fence you choose. If cost is an issue, install an eye appealing fence in front of the home and connect it with a more affordable fencing in the back. Thinking of these considerations in advance, will help you save money on your fence.

Create Entrances

A fenced enclosure should have two points of entry for safety and convenience. One entrance needs to be big enough to accommodate lawn mowers, garbage cans and other large outdoor equipment.

Hire a Professional

Fence building can be difficult if you do not have the time, knowledge or tools necessary for installation. Our team at Texas Fence and Iron can help you build a fence for your home. Contact us to learn of additional considerations we suggest discussing before installing your fence.

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