Common Fence Terms

Common Fence Terms

Common Fence Terms

fenceIf you’re thinking about installing a new fence, it helps to know some basic fence terms to communicate with a contractor. Knowing what materials and different installation techniques are needed to install the fence of your choosing will make it easier to ask questions. Before your project starts, brush up on common fence terminology:

Aluminized- steel wire coated in aluminum before being woven into a chain link fence

Barbed wire- wire constructed with sharp edges or points spread out at intervals. This fencing is used commonly in the agriculture industry, but not for horses or fleeced animals

Chain link- a galvanized fence made from steel posts and chain link fabric. Used commonly for commercial fencing and can be topped with barbed wire for added security

Corner post- a post where two lines of fence meet, typically at a 90 degree angle

End post- a post that marks the end of a fence line, with holes only one one side for attaching rails

Fence line- the actual position of the fence

Fence tie- ties used in chain link fencing to attach the fence to line posts

Galvanized- a protective zinc covering applied to steel or iron to prevent rust

Gate opening- the clear distance between gate posts

Gauge- the diameter of the coated wire used to make fabric. The finer the wire, the higher the gauge

Line post- posts located between terminal and end posts to provide support for fence

Ornamental fencing- any aesthetic fence that is made of, or imitates, a cast iron 

Perimeter fence- a fence that borders the boundary of a property

Picket- a vertical fence board that attaches to the rail

Privacy fence- a fence with close fitting vertical pickets that blocks views into a yard or area

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