Best Time of Year for Fence Installation

Best Time of Year for Fence Installation

Best Time of Year for Fence Installation

Installing a fence isn’t as simple as it seems. Depending on the materials desired for the fence, it can be beneficial to install it during a specific time of year. Materials, weather conditions and temperature all play an important role in determining the perfect time to install a fence. 

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If you are interested in a wood fence, summer is not the ideal time to do it. For one, the summer heat has a huge impact on the wood. The heat and extensive amount of sun can dry out the wood quickly and make it look old and damaged. Even if you choose to seal the wood, the heat will eventually go through it. Not to mention, doing hard labor during the summer will result in dehydration and could potentially lengthen the process all together. 

Fall and Winter

Fall and winter are the ideal months to install a fence. This will allow the wood of the fence to settle without being a victim of the intense heat. The weather conditions during this time can prepare the wood and create a barrier so that the fence can withstand more impact. No matter if it’s rain or snow, it can benefit the fence. 

Financial Reasons

Most fence installation companies are busy during the summer because that is when everyone wants a new, fresh fence. Less people desire a fence during the fall and winter making it easier to schedule a company to do the work. Since not a lot of clients are wanting a fence during this time, prices may decrease due to more supplies and time. It is important to reevaluate your options and pick a time that suits you and your lifestyle. 

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