Balcony Railings

Balcony Railings

Balcony Railings

To properly enjoy the luxury of a balcony, you must prioritize safety first. You may have access to a balcony because you live in an apartment complex or have one within your home. Either way, you will likely require a safety railing if you plan to make use of it. But just like any other fencing services, there are some considerations to ponder on regarding design, material, and what will best fit your lifestyle.


Wood is known as ole reliable for good reason. While providing a classic look to any balcony, they are also very sturdy and can live out a lengthy lifespan if treated with the proper chemicals. To give a wooden post railing a modern look, you can use a cable in-fill that provides you with smaller gaps but doesn’t take away the view. If your view is your biggest concern, glass panel railings can be your best option. Glass also acts as a great wind barrier so you can enjoy your balcony on the windiest of days. For a more traditional feel, iron railings can never go wrong. It is of a higher cost and quality, resistant from corrosion if treated with the correct coating. 


Though it depends on your property and location, you’ll want to decide on a railing that provides the best protection. Vertical cable railings with steel cables are safe for children because they require little maintenance and are closed off enough to prevent break-throughs. Wood can be a beautiful choice, but can require far more attention than other materials. Wood railing can rot overtime, so it’s wise to regularly check for damage, insect invasion, or loose posts to avoid falls. High quality tempered glass railings are 4 times stronger than regular glass, so pay attention to the quality of glass you choose before installation. These fences have no gaps, so they are safe and can help prevent dangerous falls. While these fences rarely require maintenance such as new paint, avoid selecting them if you plan to live on a golf course. 

Whether it’s a residential or a commercial project, choosing the proper fence is what will allow you to enjoy your balcony without worries.  Prioritize safety and choose your favorite aesthetic all in one with Texas Fence & Iron. For all your fencing needs, contact us today. To learn more about other fencing tips, check out our blog page here.

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