5 Reasons You Should Install a Fence

5 Reasons You Should Install a Fence

5 Reasons You Should Install a Fence

If you drive through a neighborhood, you will notice most houses have a fence surrounding their backyard. Aesthetically-pleasing fences can add value to a home. However, there are many other reasons you should install a fence on your property.


Privacy is often one of the first factors one considers when determining if they should install a fence. Families find comfort knowing someone can’t watch them while they are in the backyard. Privacy fences are commonly seen in neighborhoods where homes are close in proximity. For example, a cedar fence offers privacy and added curb appeal to a property.


Homeowners also invest in fencing for security. By adding another element of protection, intruders are less likely to target a home. Installing a fence also keeps unwanted animals out of a yard. 


Fences are often installed for safety. Children and pets remain safe when homeowners install a fence. With a fence, loved ones are protected in the backyard and kept away from strangers and out of the street.

Curb Appeal

Although homeowners typically install a fence for one of the above reasons, they must also consider how the fence looks. In fact, some individuals only want a fence installed for ornamental reasons. Be sure to check with your neighborhood homeowner’s association to make sure there are no fencing restrictions before installation.

Set Boundaries

Marking your property lines by building a fence is an easy way to minimize disputes with neighbors. When you install a fence, there is a clear boundary between two yards. This means a neighbor cannot make changes that might affect your side of the fence.

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